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Kinetic Centre Sports Screening


KAMS (Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen) is a full-functional movement screen capturing the body in 12 functional movements. The goal of this screen is to baseline how the body moves in normal human motion scoring 0-100.  At the end of the movements, the system will compile all of the data and show your athlete the top 6  movement dysfunctions that manifested the most in the 12 movements. We use this data to pinpoint the cause of pain or risk of injury.

Single Leg Hop

The Single Leg Hop measures strength and control of the knee during jumping motions. This assessment measures strength, speed and degree of knee collapse and creates an overall score for risk of knee injury. This test is a must for jumping, running, and lifting athletes. Athletes who participate in basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, baseball, softball, track and field, power lifting, mixed martial arts, and CrossFit need the Single Leg Hop assessment.

3D Running Gait Analysis

The 3D Running Gait Analysis allows us to measure the human body at full speed in 3 dimensions. This means we can break down strike positions, hip positions, knee positions, and the entire body. Our analysis will give you an overhead rotational view and will capture any frontal plane tilting. Most people think their running discomfort is from their shoes while running when truly it's the biomechanics that are creating excess loading in joints and tissues. Our 3D Running Gait Analysis will show you what your biomechanics are doing in your run This screen applies to all running sports.

3D Golf Swing Analysis

The 3D Golf Swing Analysis will show where your body is during different parts of your golf swing. Our analysis will give you the overhead view as well as capture your hip and shoulder positions. Most technologies measure the golf club and ball to give you data on your swing; whereas, we will measure your body without using any wearables that will change your natural motion. Everybody's golf swing is different. Let us help you see your actual swing in 3 dimensions so that you can perfect your swing and game.

Lifting Analysis

The Lifting Analysis allows us to break down back squats, deadlifts, kettlebell movements, curls, and many other lifts that you perform in the gym. This analysis highlights compensation and dysfunction that can lead to pain in the joints, injuries, and other issues that will halt your progression in the gym. Being able to analyze the hip in 3 dimensions can help prevent spinal injuries and help increase efficiency in movement allowing you to increase the amount of weight you can lift.

Concussion Baseline Screen

The Concussion Baseline Screen is a 3D analysis modeled after the BESS Concussion Screen. Our screen measures your balance in 3 dimensions and measures the amount of motion versus scoring out different areas of the body with 1, 2, or 3. This accuracy from our assessment helps highlight smaller concussions and measures athletes' progression through rehab releasing them back to their sport at the proper time reducing the risk of CTE in the future. This is a must for all athletes who participate in full-contact sports.

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