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The Kinetic Centre Dallas uses these tools for patient rehab. We make them available to you so that you can improve and maintain your movement outside of the clinic. We are committed to your good health and do not want a trip to the store or the time of shipping to delay your recovery. Call 469-697-9545 or email to order, or pick up what you need at your next appointment.



The First Foam Roller Designed for the Human Body!


IntelliRoll is a modern adaptation of stretching. The design of the IntelliRoll perfectly fits the contours of the human body. Foam rolling with IntelliRoll applies pressure to loosen and activate tightened muscles to help you maintain the corrected tissues from your treatment at Kinetic Centre Dallas.

lacrosse image2.png

Lacrosse Balls

It's How We Roll!


Lacrosse balls are an affordable way of focusing your foam rolling at home. Tennis balls are too soft, whereas softballs and baseballs are too aggressive. The density of a lacrosse ball is perfectly suited to apply pressure to relax tissue without injuring it. 

pic preworkout.HEIC

Tinfold Pre-Workout

Elevate Your Mental Focus 


Tinfold isn't an ordinary pre-workout, nor is it an ordinary nootropic. It's a 2-in-1 bioengineered mash up combining the energy of a pre-workout with the brain boosting strength of a nootropic to provide you with the ultimate brain and body synergy!

25 servings per container.

pic tin hypr.HEIC

Tinfold HyPR

Explosive Power & Improved Blood Flow


Naturally sourced high quality formula made to improve both physical and cognitive performance by increasing blood flow and your body's ability to increase muscle. HyPR formula not only increases blood flow to the muscles, but also to the brain, delivering more oxygen and glucose so you can perform at your max capacity.

25 servings per container

pic tin ingnite.HEIC

Tinfold Ignite

Calorie Burn & Sweat


Access your fat cells to use for energy. Ignite gives you natural energy , suppresses appetite, and speeds up metabolism without any negative effect on heart rate or blood pressure. Promotes healthy gut bacteria, reduces bloating, and boosts the immune system.

25 servings per container

pic tin push.HEIC

Tinfold Push

Rapid Hydration & Recovery


Supports muscular endurance, enhances nutrient delivery, and allows you to work out at a heightened intensity for a longer period of time. Push is a simple hydration mix optimized to hydrate you rapidly with up to 3x the electrolytes of a traditional sports drink. Lightly flavored with real fruit juice = subtle refreshing taste, and the best way to start your day.

25 servings per container

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